How Hillary and the Media Have Hypnotized the Masses into Submission

In The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand wrote: “Public opinion is what I make it.” Never has this sentiment been more true than in recent weeks. Mainstream media has literally feigned almost complete ignorance towards the WikiLeaks release of the Podesta emails and the Project Veritas series of videos documenting how the DNC and the Clinton campaign violated election campaign laws. Aside from questioning the authenticity of both, most media outlets have seemingly rejected the existence of what is evidence of Hillary Clinton’s and her staff’s dubious acts and prima facie criminal wrongdoing. Rather, media maintains a steadfast and myopic focus on...

Trump Wanted to “Fuck” A Woman. Who Cares?

Trump said he wanted to “fuck” a woman in 2005.  Why is this news?

Let’s review the events of this past Friday: the U.S. government accused the Russians of cyber attack. WikiLeaks disseminated MORE highly damaging emails belonging to Hillary Clinton. And Billy Bush released a video of him and Donald Trump talking on a bus about a woman Trump tried to have sex with from 2005.

Given the severity of the former two above, one would assume the last would be inconsequential. Not so.  Even two days later, my Twitter feed is abundant with the hashtags “TrumpTapes” and “BillyBushScum” and social media dense with memes like: “Grab America by the Pussy.”

Here’s a question: why is it Donald Trump’s somewhat inappropriate comments about women said privately more offensive than Bill Clinton’s salacious sex scandals while in office? How is it Trump’s statement “…grab her by the pussy” more than ten years ago so egregious it’s distracted the public from focusing on WikiLeaks’ release of additional Hillary Clinton emails the very same day?  Even if we choose to ignore what is evidenced in these documents, how is Trump’s verbiage more damning than Hillary Clinton being married to a well-known serial philanderer and rapist who was also a two-term president? How is she a crusader for women’s rights when her ex-Deputy Chief of Staff is married to an ex-congressman who’s involved in yet another “sexting” scandal? Why is Hillary receiving a pardon from the majority of Americans when she’s directly linked to those who’ve perpetrated violence against and discrimination and harassment towards women?  Society’s display of selective memory–discarding and/or suppressing pertinent facts about certain individuals while feeling outraged by the acts of another–is a manifestation of human bias. In the subject case, there are many who dislike Donald Trump.  But such disdain isn’t based on his political platform; most Americans don’t have the patience to research what he’s actually proposing to do if elected.  Rather, the basis for this collective hatred is his confident-bordering-on-arrogant demeanor, which is why this conversation offends so many. Truth is, the belief Trump is a misogynist based on making such comments is as ridiculous as those who think other men don’t speak this way about women.

While mainstream media devours the “locker room banter” video between Donald Trump and BIlly Bush like starved cannibals that have just come across fresh human flesh, in doing so, these outlets are intentionally spoon-feeding the public’s insatiable need for distraction. These outlets intentionally shift the focus from relevant news onto its modified version of what is considered to be newsworthy. Why should CNN and MSNBC report about email communications evidencing Hillary Clinton’s desire to have an “open border” society in the U.S.?  One reason is because most of today’s journalists are storytellers.  Their ability to redact and slant has become as autonomic as the ability to breathe. It’s as if their collective reptilian “reactive” brains dominate higher cortical centers responsible for critical thinking and objective analysis and thus focus on propaganda.

It’s as if the main-sleaze media wants us to forget such indiscretions and ignore that the annals of politics are prolific with tales of lustful men.

During Bill Clinton’s tenure as both Governor of Arkansas and Commander-in-Chief,  he was involved in two highly publicized sex-based scandals: a lawsuit filed in federal court by Paula Jones alleging, amongst other causes of action, sexual harassment and discrimination; and an ongoing affair with an intern, Monica Lewinski, the latter in which Clinton vehemently denied initially, therefore deliberately having lied to the American public. Fast forward decades later, notwithstanding recent claims of similar lascivious acts made by Bill’s other paramours such as Gennifer Flowers and the $850,000.00 settlement payment to Ms. Jones arising from the Paula Jones v. Bill Clinton suit, most Americans still hail Clinton as having been a great President.

Moving on to Anthony Weiner, soon-to-be ex-husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s ex-assistant/ex-Deputy Chief of Staff and now vice chairwoman of her campaign (and, lest we forget, Abedin’s connection to the Hillary Email fiasco.) Seems Weinergate wasn’t enough to quash his sexting habits while serving in Congress, so while running for mayor of New York City, he was subsequently caught in other sexting scandals involving a trifecta of women.

Then there’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy—America’s “Golden Boy” of sorts—and his proclivity for beautiful women such as Marilyn Monroe.  Their affair is as widely known as his failed Bay of Pigs effort. Yet despite such reported infidelity, JFK still maintains a near 70 percent approval rating in recent Gallup polls. And similar to Bill Clinton, Kennedy was already holding office when these liaisons occurred. While JFK’s adultery is widely documented in the pages of U.S. history, the same is mostly overlooked and/or hailed, despite his being the only Roman Catholic U.S. president.

So why is it Clinton’s and Weiner’s and Kennedy’s libidinous activities aren’t being discussed when the media jumps to villainize Trump and call him a “womanizer”? How is Trump’s private conversation with Bush, while perhaps inappropriate, somehow more demeaning towards women than a female presidential candidate who both excuses and facilitates her own husband’s demoralizing (and illegal) behaviors towards a variety of women? Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy is not a positive example of a strong feminine role model.  Her sex in that of itself does not guarantee whether she’ll further women’s rights as president.  In fact, her history demonstrates otherwise.  Hillary’s comments about Trump being sexist, etcetera, are pretty despicable when she opts to stay married to a lothario who had no qualms about engaging in myriad extramarital affairs and publicly lying about the same, to say the least. Further, within her inner circle is a woman who turned a blind eye to her husband’s lechery.  The adage “Lead by example” desperately needs to be applied to Hillary Clinton’s actions.

The relentless propagation of such hypocrisy exhibited towards Trump’s statements as compared to the undisputed actions of Bill Clinton’s and Anthony Weiner’s pasts isn’t just reprehensible and audacious; rather, its prima facie biased. Objective journalism has become an oxymoron; two contradictory terms that repel each other. And in my opinion, by constantly instigating a frenzy that distracts from learning about his qualifications, mainstream media is complicit in the act of promoting hatred towards Donald Trump.

Before you categorize Donald Trump as a malignancy that must be excised from politics for having made sexualized comments as a businessman and private citizen, consider the gravity of what he said against those actions of ex-presidents Bill Clinton and JFK. Compare his banter with Hillary Clinton’s facilitation of her husband’s decades’ long lascivious acts.  Trump is attracted to women.  Why is this so shocking?  Bill Clinton had no reservations about advertising his fondness for copulation while in office, and often exercised his authority in order to satisfy his sexual needs whether by force or consent.

Reality is, mainstream media’s myopic focus on Trump being a sexist based on past comments, and its relentless propensity for promoting the same under the guise of news while disregarding how other male political figures have actually treated women, is paradoxical. “Skewed” news is a dangerous trend; its as threatening as possible war with Russia and the fast-approaching economic collapse. This type of reporting disseminates disinformation and promotes hype. Trump’s sex life is suitable material for tabloids such as “National Enquirer,” not the Washington Post or the New York Times.

But sadly, those who believe Trump’s use of “pussy” and “fuck” when referring to an attractive female in private automatically disqualifies him from being a leader who will protect and further women’s rights if elected are those who are ignorant enough to think Hillary Clinton will do so because she IS a woman.

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