Who Is The Little Italian Girl?

About me:

I’m just a girl who loves to write.  Fiction, nonfiction, blogs–I don’t discriminate.  Learning and writing are two of my favorite things, aside from my American Bulldog, Baron Soprano, Italian-made clothing and shoes, and traveling near and far.

The First Amendment and what it guarantees–the right to free speech and freedom of expression–is something I’m passionate about. In a time when corporate media is fighting to suppress the right to speak and wants to control what is and whether something is newsworthy, I feel it’s imperative to use my “voice.” While I more often than not speak in a “purr” tone, I’m known to roar when people attempt to judge or “label” me or when I find something is morally repugnant or hypocritical. As long as others’ speech doesn’t impose a physical threat to others, then we all have a Constitutional right to speak our minds, which means even if I don’t agree with someone, I appreciate that they have the same rights as an American as I do.

Oh, and yes, I’m a self-professed badass, something I’m extremely proud of.