The Perversion of Politics

Charlie Rose. Matt Lauer. Harvey Weinstein. James Toback. Kevin Spacey. John Coyners. Al Franken: It seems that nearly every day this past month, a new perpetrator of sex crimes and/or sex abuser has been identified at a rate that mimics the replication of aggressive cancer cells. Dozens of victims have come forward of late, the majority having written “#MeToo” -inspired social media posts that detail personal accounts of having been victimized by powerful men, like those mentioned above.

But perhaps almost, if not equally, as horrifying as it is to learn just how pervasive sexual harassment and/or rape is within political and entertainment circles, is discovering that many non-victims were aware of such undeniably deviant actions, and yet refused to come forward and/or otherwise act on such knowledge. As if the occurrence of these illegal and criminal acts isn’t horrible enough for those affected, in the in the instance of Rep. Conyers, Conyers’ odious history was common knowledge among members of the press. Moreover, the thought that this information—specifically, women having been forced to engage in non-consensual sex or endure unwelcome sexual advances and harassment over the course of their employment–was discussed flippantly is nothing short of alarming.

During a recent appearance on This Week, NPR’s Cokie Roberts admitted that “for years” sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill was covered up by members of the female press corps. Roberts additionally stated, “…we all talked about it for years: Don’t get in an elevator with him,” the subject “him” being John Conyers.

A disclosure before I proceed: Having personally been a near-victim of sexual assault when I was nineteen, this recently admitted years’-long collective silence of members of the female press corps perhaps troubles me more than others. Admittedly, for many years I remained silent as to my own experience. To be truthful, I’d instinctively repressed the memory of this October night until recently. “Recovered memory” is a contentious subject in psychiatry, largely because to-date, there doesn’t exist any objective means in which to validate these experiences. However, one of the brain’s remarkable capabilities is the ability to temporarily “silence” a specific (often traumatic) memory from our conscious mind. Therefore, in contrast to Ms. Roberts (who, to my knowledge, has not encountered such an act of violence), my “silence” wasn’t by choice, similar to when my attacker wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, and proceeded to pin me down and tighten his grip around my wrists like handcuffs. Luckily, his libidinous intentions were interrupted by my best friend.

Conversely, Roberts’ assertion that “every” woman in the press corps was aware of this misconduct all but proves that these women not only overlooked, but permitted the nefarious goings-on in congress. In the era of “I’m with Her” and the Liberal’s obsession with their version of “women’s rights,” the discovery of the media’s validation of government wrongdoing would be poetic justice if the scales weren’t so imbalanced between pro-Trumpers and everyone else.

It’s no secret that the majority of the female press corps consists of Leftists. While mainstream media continues to promote the narrative that President Trump is a misogynist and sexual predator, the true culprits are Democrats. Hence, it should come as no surprise that this “see no evil, speak no evil” Roberts speaks of is barely being reported on within mainstream media. Because doing so behooves the Democratic Party,these women are complicit in allowing this misconduct. And sadly, it appears no one wants to address their blatant hypocrisy or lack of basic decency.

The fact that such nefarious activity is widespread enough among elected officials as to warrant the creation of “Slush Funds” funded by taxpayer monies should be evidence enough to convince our government that a serious problem exists, and will persist because the government is enabling this “bad” behavior by managing a bank that funds “shut-up” payments. Such “hush money”—reportedly in the millions—is being used to pay victims to remain silent as though they’re being subject to a gag order.

Moreover, I’d argue that the establishment of these funds is a prima facie conspiracy to defraud the American public, and the responsible parties are criminals, just like those who commit sex-based crimes.

Bound by non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, the law is being manipulated to act as a proverbial sword of Damocles that ergo hangs over these individuals’ heads; this legalese used as a reminder of the consequences should they speak about their experiences. The twisted logic: In order to seek legal redress and pursue a claim for damages, the individual must in turn agree to behave as though the incident(s) never happened.

If the limited statute of limitations period permitted by law isn’t enough of a crime under these circumstances, then the notion that the guilty are actually protected under these types of contracts is nothing less than victimizing the victim.

Admittedly, I’m a strong proponent of due process rights; however, when a number of women have come forward to expose such a degree of malfeasance, it’s nearly impossible for any reasonable person to subscribe to the central tenet of our criminal justice system: “innocent until proven guilty.”

Like those guilty of committing crimes, the Cokie Roberts of the world also chose to plead the Fifth, opting to feign ignorance in exchange for maintaining their press privileges. But this should come as little surprise given the Left’s idolization of Hillary Clinton—the woman who has supported and protected a serial rapist for decades. Clinton’s form of “women’s rights” is farcical, and those women who praise her are nothing but a disgrace.

While Democrats continue their myopic focus on trying to impeach Trump and pretending collusion is illegal outside of antitrust laws, the ramifications of the female press corps actions give men like Conyers even more power. And topics such as rape continue to remain unspoken.

The irony of Roberts’ summary of events: “Now people are saying it out loud. And I think that does make a difference” is further evidence that Liberals’ sense of delusion remains unchanged since the general election. Knowing she and her colleagues have done little or nothing to prevent future acts of sexual misconduct, despite being privy to this information and professional reporters, confirms my belief that journalistic integrity is an oxymoron, and that journalism, like much of politics, can be bought and silenced, if the price is right.

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